Translation in Transition 2015

The second Translation in Transition conference takes place on January 29th and 30th at the Faculty of Translation Studies of Mainz University on the campus in Germersheim, Germany. This conference deals with emerging fields in the translation world, brought about by the ongoing digitalisation which changes the way we translate but also facilitates new ways of research in translation like keystroke logging, eye-tracking, or EEG studies. The second Translation in Transition conference is a continuation of the first Translation in Transition conference held in January 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It invites researchers from various fields like corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics or machine translation who want to present novel research with relation to translation and its changing face.

Special Track: The role of the translator in a digitalised world

Besides the main track of the conference, we aim to run a Special Track with the title "The role of the translator in a digitalised world". This track shall reflect two facts. First, with machine translation taking on a more and more important role in translation workflows, the question comes up what the future profile of translators will be. What will the future core profile of translators be, beyond proficiency in post-editing? Second, translation has become ubiquitous and more of a crowd phenomenon, to be witnessed in crowd translations in open source projects, wiki projects etc. How does this shape the view on translation and the translator? This track invites empirical and theoretical work with relation to these questions.

Topics and Submission

Fields of research to be covered in the conference

* translation process research

* cognitive aspects in corpus-based translation research

* reading processes (especially in translation)

* writing and post-editing processes

* intelligent machine translation (MT which learns from/adapts to human users)

* cognition and translation

* computational modelling of human translation

* speech recognition and translation

* translation expertise, in people and in systems

* Special Track: The role of the translator in a digitalised world

...or any fields closely related to those listed above.

Submitted abstracts should be about 400-800 words long (excluding references). Submission deadline is September 15th 22nd, notification of acceptance or rejection will go out by October 15th 20th.

Please direct any enquiries to